How To Finally Figure Out What The Heck Your Life Purpose Is

(So You Can Quit Feeling Stuck And Start Living Life Fully)

October 29th | 1:00 pm EDT | Show in my timezone

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Hosted by
Matthew Bivens

For most of my life I felt completely disconnected from my purpose. I believed I had a purpose, I just had zero idea of how to actually CONNECT with it and INFUSE it into my life. Feeling like I had no direction and no answers left me anxious and scared.

But after making some empowering personal decisions, seeking out wisdom from others, and taking bold action, I gained the clarity and conviction around my purpose that I was seeking!

I'm excited to share my breakthroughs and insights with you in this webinar! My goal is that you walk away feeling like you've taken a step closer to truly connecting with your true life's purpose.

- Matthew

Can You Relate?

You feel unclear as to what your bigger purpose is in life.

You're frustrated because you don't know what you're “supposed to do” with your life, and you hate the pressure that creates within you.

Sometimes you're jealous of others who seem to have it all, and that ramps up your own self criticisms and judgements.

You would do anything to just have a little bit of clarity around your purpose, mission and reason for being here.

In This Webinar You'll Discover

√  How to reframe your thinking around the question of "purpose" so that you can finally get your answers

√  The simple questions you’re not asking yourself that will lead you towards your purpose!

√  How to answer those questions in a way that will create breakthroughs and “a-ha” moments for you!

√  Exactly what to do with those answers so that you can get unstuck and start living your purpose!


About Matthew Bivens

Matthew is committed to playing for his personal greatness and expanding his understanding of SELF, OTHERS and LIFE. His personal mission statement reads:

To play the game of experiencing life each and every day in full Beast Mode, with humility and childlike faith, while being authentic with my voice and choice and being ALL in, as I surrender to a life of principles, love and balance, in order to transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, as I flow in the conviction of Peace.

As a Balance Lifestyle Coach, Matthew helps inspired men and women answer their inner call to live with more purpose, balance, abundance and love.

Matthew is a long time player of the YourDay Balance Game -- a health and fitness platform powered by love and balance -- and is currently the "Chief Experience Officer". He leads the creative team behind the YDBG App and is helping people around the world experience many more magical moments in their lives. 

October 29th
1:00 pm EDT